Our Story

Dancing is all about discovery, connection and fun

Running dance schools since 2009, we’re a mixed bag of professional dancers and business professionals with one thing in common: a passion for Dance. We wield our skills with the aim to create a positive learning environment that is welcoming to everyone. We draw inspiration from our diversity, and each of us contribute to the fun and friendly environment we nurture in our school.

Learning for life

We like to think that when you choose to learn with us, you’ll learn more than how to dance. You’ll learn skills that you’ll take for life. At DanceLab, everyone is in a learning curve. When we say everyone, we mean every single one of us: students, instructors and directors. Dancing has its magical ways to develop confidence, self-esteem and social skills that go above and beyond the dance floor.

We create happiness

Dancing is for everyone

We know how powerful dancing is, and how transforming it can be in people’s lives. Over the years we’ve been teaching, we’ve witnessed the most fantastic stories of how dancing twisted things for the best, and that’s why we can say with confidence, that dancing is for everyone. Through dance you will discover more about yourself and how you connect with people. You’ll discover a new passion, make friends and be part of a community who are continuously learning, sharing and developing themselves. And if there is one thing that we can promise you, is that it’s lots of fun too!

JT & Ania

Som Artister:
Vunnet World Championships 2016 Hong Kong Bachata category Vunnet Japan Cup 2014
2place Limburg European Salsa Championships 2013
2place World Championships Hong Kong 2015 Bachata
3rd World Championships Hong Kong Team category
3rd World Championships Hong Kong 2014 Bachata
3rd Worlds Bachatarte 2015
5th Worlds Bachatarte 2014
6th BachataStars 2013
7th Bachatea, Madrid Invitation only 2015
7th World Latin Dance Cup 2013
Also judging 3 world championships and 3 World Latin dance Qualifiers. Champions of Champions, London ENG 2015, 16
World Salsa Solo Championships,Brisbane AUS

JT & Ania har drevet 4 danse skoler i Norge fra Polefitness, til latinske danser. Ania er født i Polen, jobber fulltid som danselærer, utøvende danser og koreograf. Hun er co-founder av DanceLab DansensHus og eier av Polepointe studio. Hun er tidligere S-klasse selskapsdanser og levd fulltid av dans i Holland, Polen, USA og nå Norge. Hun har trent opp 8 norges mestere i Pole sport, samt undervist som hoved trener elite landslaget for juniorer i Selskapsdans ved Stavanger i Norge. Hun har en utført en rekke koreograf og danse oppdrag på verdensbasis. JT Aka “The Party Viking” er co-founder av DanceLab DansensHus, JT begynte å lære dans i sen alder etter å blitt fotball invalid ved idrett skader, hvorav trening innenfor dans tok over under hans ingeniør studier i Stavanger. I lag har de reist internasjonalt I 8 år rundt verden som artister innen latinske dansen Salsa og Bachata. 

                                                       Our DansensHus

We run classes in middle of sentrum of Tromsø city, which are, literally, our 2nd home. Together, we have 3 beautiful studio spaces that can be hired casually or on an ongoing basis, and that are suitable for a variety of activities. DanceLab DansensHus is 600 m2 large, suitable for larger gatherings or even concert hire fully mounted with wardrobes and an large bar integrated in the lounge area.