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Start something exciting this week

Not sure if dancing classes are for you?

We’ve seen hundreds of students walking into our classes a bit unsure if dance classes were for them. Some even claimed to have two left foot. And guess what? We proved them wrong, Dance classes are for everyone!

Over the years, we’ve seen the most amazing stories of how dancing improved people’s lives in various ways. We encourage and watch our students on their dance journey, building their confidence and social skills while developing a passion for Dance that grows week by week – it’s truly addictive.



From beginners to advanced

Our group classes are the heart and soul of our school. It’s where everything begins, where students find a new passion, make new friends and start their dancing journey which, many times, is life changing. When you join our dance classes, you challenge yourself to try something new and exciting, you get your body moving and your mind working.

With Gold memberships you can attend unlimited classes, every day of the week, in multiple styles. You’ll be spoiled for choice:

Joining dance classes is a great way to meet new people, stay fit and have fun, all at the same time. At DanceLab we have a philosophy that dancing is for everyone, and you’ll be surprised to see that you’ll get hooked in no time. Don’t put it off any longer, the right time is now.



Fast track your learning curve

One of the best ways to develop your dance skills is to take private classes. We encourage our students to engage on private tuition to address specific elements of your dancing that can be easily identified and improved in a private class. With the full attention of your instructor, you’ll be able to ask all the questions you want and to dedicate time to what is most important to you. These are some areas that you can choose to focus during private classes:


Private classes Nok 800 / 60 min

3 class bulk option 700 Nok pr hr 5 class bulk option 600 Nok pr hr 10 class bulk option 500 Nok pr hr

Contact us to book your private dance class today.



Be part of a team

One of the best ways to fast track your learning process and develop your dance skills is to join choreography courses. At DanceLab we are constantly releasing new choreographies, which are performed on small and large scale events throughout the year. Some of our choreo teams also opt to compete in local, interstate and international events.

Joining choreos will help you to: improve technique, gain new skills, learn spins, dips and tricks, build stage presence, develop muscle memory, improve timing, make your footwork accurate, learn new steps, expand your repertoire, develop musicality, improve body movement, be part of a team, perform on stage, and most important of all, have lots and lots of fun.

Performances this year will be

23rd February 2020 with The Back Alley Theatre at Rådstua Theatre.

This Theatre piece is with teachers and students, 1hr performance of a variety of dance styles, acting and acrobatics. Have a look at our facebook event for more info to buy tickets.

9th of May 2020 we will have a Cha cha performance at the annual DanceLab Ball. To be part of this routine both bootcamps must be attended at weekend events 15 February and 21 march. For more

info read more in our events on facebook about how to participate on this performance.

13 June 2020 We will have the second Chacha performance for the Cha-cha routine at the Arctic Dance Festival in Tromsø. To partake in this routine both Chacha weekends must have been participated as well an extra 5 hrs training before festival the 11th and 12th of June. Price for the 5 hrs extra rehearsals is 500 Nok. If gold member this is free of charge. For more info contact us or read more in facebook events or about Arctic Dance Festival in Beyond classes.



Wow your guests on your big day

First Class is Free!

We customise dance routines to make your dream wedding dance come true. Whether you want a traditional bridal dance, or something more funky, we cater for the simplest to the most extravagant first dance.

We design your first dance to suit your personal style, song choice and ensure that the steps are easy to follow, while creating the wow factor for your big day. Our focus is to make sure you feel confident and look amazing on your first dance.

It requires much less time that you think!
We have specialised over 12 years teaching wedding routines to more than 70 couples so we are confident we can teach a 2 min show in under than 5 private classes.

With the private classes, we also cut your songs, help with tips for videography as well in giving instructions in how to get awesome dancing photos for your big day with help of some dancers tricks and tips.

Wedding dance packages can be ordered threw contact button under, but for special demands or questions you might have we ask you to contact us to tailor the best fitting program to ensure your day.

We are very confident we can help and get the result you want, so that’s why we have the first class for free. To meet us the instructors and choreographers from there you can decide and get consultations to achieve your goal.

Standard Wedding packages pricing:

5 private classes + mixing music to show ( 5000 Nok)
10 private classes + mixing music to show ( 8000 Nok)
20 private classes + mixing music to show with entertainment package of professional dancers in your show (16 000 Nok )



The perfect team building activity

  • Bring all staff together in a friendly, fun and relaxed environment
  • Your staff will get to know each other outside the work environment
  • Improve communication and social skills amongst your staff



Get ready for the next level

DanceLab is renowned for the countless accomplishments in Dance competitions in Norway and around the world. When you visit our studio you’ll certainly notice that we don’t have enough shelves to fit all the trophies won by our instructors and students.

We have trained national team in Ballroom
Trained up Norwegian champions in latin dances
3rd place for amateur in World Championship category, Hong Kong Trained 8 Norwegian champions in Poledance
And much more.

We offer competition training Pole dance for NM each year
We offer possibility to partake Pro-Am in world championship or NM in Salsa or Bachata.

Pole NM in Trondheim 24-26 April

Price: 8000 Nok
Includes: extra training sessions for NM team weekly, ballett training, choreography made by instructor, 10 private classes, mixing of music, coach takes courses and ensures curriculum for points of routine, logistics of travel together, participation fee, insurance fee, travelling cost shared for coach during NM competition & stage make up done by coach

PRO-AM or NM in Salsa or Bachata

Price: 15 000 Nok
Includes: 20 private classes, choreography, mixing of show song, travel cost for coach, stage make up, participation fee

Dates: depends on available competitions that wished to partake


Modern dance is an ever-evolving art form, whose definition is elusive. Modern dance pioneers embraced their individuality and the idea of creativity and artistic freedom. Even today modern dance cannot be defined by a specific technique as dancers and choreographers are constantly searching to move, feel and express their own individuality through dance. Defining modern dance is like defining modern art or music…it is elusive exciting, and undefinable. Come take a class and see for yourself.


Ballet is a very graceful type of dancing, sometimes seemingly defying gravity, and is an activity that helps improve fitness, flexibility and body awareness. Students will learn and develop the fundamentals of classical ballet technique, with a progression toward learning variations.


Jazz dance is an exciting and ever-evolving dance form full of rhythm, syncopation, and passion. It shares a broad range of dance styles and has been popularized through stage shows. Jazz offers a great way to improve musicality, creativity and coordination. Class is upbeat with an emphasis on classical technique and style.


Hip Hop is the pinnacle of self-expression. Classes include warm up, moving across the floor, style explorations (popping, locking, waving, gliding, etc.), and freestyle circles. These classes are for dancers who like self-expression, physical challenges, and healthy competition. Exercises focus on increasing flexibility and strength, precision and creativity, and find your own style.


Dancehall is all about attitude and energy. Originating from Jamaica this style has become immensely popular and you will often see it in mainstream videoclips such as ; Rihanna , Justin Bieber and Major Lazer. Authentic Dancehall moves are generally created mainly spontaneously during street parties in Jamaica. There are over 800 dance moves and in class you will learn the popular ones.
Dancehall has become known to be a rough immensely catchy street style of reggae “riddims”. It is the centre of the Jamaican ghetto youth’s lifeworld, a place for enjoyment, cultural expression, survival and spiritual renewal. This is a fast-moving, feverish, “spiritual” class with an emphasis on strengthening technique and expression in the “black contemporary” style, tracing traditional dancehall steps and bringing it into a modern context.


In search of an alternative form of exercise that is for sure more fun than being in the Gym? Pole fitness is a global phenomenon and super popular because of a great training effect while learning to dance.

Pole dancing is a sport, it’s a form of art, a fitness activity, a form of dance and beutyfull. Hundreds of thousands of people take up pole dancing as a hobby every single day, pole dancing fitness classes are available every day in DanceLab, and it’s more popular now than it’s ever been before.

Pole Fitness focuses on stretching and physical training in-corporated with dance techniques.


AFROBEAT is a class focused on various street dance styles that emerge from urban environments from across Africa such as coupe decale from Ivory Coast, azonto from Ghana and soukous from Congo. The music often possesses fast tempos and a blend of heavily percussive instruments, vocals, and sounds influenced by Yoruba music, house music and funk. The distinguishing characteristics of afrobeat dance are undulating hip movements, powerful high-energy steps, and strong core-based movements.


Reggaeton is the fusion of Reggae, Latin and Hip Hop flavours. Originating in Panama as ‘Spanish Reggae,’ the genre soon spread in popularity throughout Latin America, especially in Puerto Rico. The Reggaeton beat was derived from one of the most renowned Dancehall “riddims” which is fast and energetic, reflecting the way in which it is danced. Reggaeton focuses on strong and sensual hip movements (commonly known as dancing ‘perreo’) and often incorporates hip hop grooves and latin dance technique. In this class, we will also explore African movement and expression inherent in the ancestry and spirituality which exists throughout the Caribbean, shaping the genre as it is known today.


Energize + Unwind. This is the theme for our Yoga Flow class. Have you ever thought yoga isn’t right for you? Maybe you do not connect with traditional yoga offerings? Are you looking for something different in your practice? Yoga Flow is a non traditional blended class, which includes music, cardio and deep relaxation. It has been proven that music can heal – the effects of music replicate that of dopamine production in the brain – thus helping to reduce anxiety and depression. Our Urban Music Playlist will further help you tap into these dopamine receptors; Creating an increase of satisfaction within the psyche, you are guaranteed to leave the class feeling happier and lighter. Even more importantly, you will have a chance to have fun (maybe even laugh, which in itself feeds the soul). Be prepared to experience a variety of yoga styles merged together, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini + Restorative, creating an even more unique exploration of your practice. Beginners, drop ins, Gold and Pole members are welcome.


Flying yoga incorporates silk hammocks into a traditional yoga class to raise your attitude to a whole new altitude. It is just downright fun and will make you laugh like a child again!

Yoga Power offers an array of classes making flying yoga suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced yogis. While your body is working towards fitness, the yoga hammock supports half your body weight making it 50% easier than normal yoga. Once you feel you are stronger in your practice, you are then able to begin taking more of the weight on to your own body rather than relying solely on the hammock’s assistance.

The hammock is a great and safe way to learn balancing poses by having something to hold on to for support. In traditional yoga classes on the floor, only a small number of students are able to do advanced poses, such as scorpion or handstand, which are a result of many years of yoga practice, dedication and endurance. The beauty of this style of yoga is 95% of students can do these advanced poses in the hammock in their first or second class! Aerial yoga is the easiest, most effective tool to use while building up the strength, stamina and endurance to progress towards a standing floor pose if that is what you are aiming for.


A Pole Dance class is the perfect activity for a bachelorette party in Tromsø! Our classes are also perfectly suited for bachelor parties, birthday parties, girl’s night out, or team buildings! Our experienced instructors will customize the perfect class for you, and together you will create memories for a lifetime!

A Pole Dance class at DanceLab is a fun and unexpected surprise for the bride/groom’s final night as a single woman/man, and is a great way to start an evening of celebrations! Naturally, the bride/groom is the centre of attention, but we have four poles and everyone gets to participate. No background experience is required, anybody can join! We’ll start the class with a short warm-up before you learn some basic tricks and spins that we will put together into a sexy and fun routine. We guarantee that you will leave the studio with a smile on your face.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes; shoes will not be needed as we train barefoot. You may wear shorts if you wish, but it is not necessary. Organisers of bachelorette party can decide theme / style for dance class and the sky is the limit! Feel free to bring costumes to suit the theme of the dance, both bride / groom and to yourselves. If you want you can shoot the dance at the end of the hour and watch it later in the evening 🙂

If you want to celebrate with some bubbles, you’re allowed to bring alcohol and enjoy it in the studio. Feel free to arrange to come by the studio the day before with some fruit or snacks if you want this to be ready for when your party arrives!

3500 NOK – 75 min, 10 participants or less

4000 NOK – 75 min, 11 -20 participants

5000 NOK – 90 min, 21 participants or more

Max number of participants: no limit (we give discounts to small groups under 5 ladies).

Break Dance kids


Breaking, also called breakdancing or b-boying/b-girling, is an athletic style of streetdance from the United States. While diverse in the amount of variation available in the dance, breakdancing mainly consists of four kinds of movement: toprock downrock powermoves and freezes. We have two set of classes. Beginner class for kids, where they learn the basis of mentioned above before they enter our Kid crew that has as aim to compete in the Arctic Jam each year. The kid crew does not have age limit, but requires that at least beginner class has been done pre-hand

MiniYo Kids


MiniYo for kids is an amazing way to develop your child skillset and foundation for years to come. Its a mix between breakdance and Hiphop and offcourse a lot of dance games and playtime. Our aim is to develop the childrens confidence while giving them good building blocks of coordination (eye-hand, eye-feet), space awareness, rythm and balance. In Miniyo we teach them a bit of top rock, baby freeze, teach them to spin on different body parts like knee and hands. In the end of the semester we have our grand show day, with small miniyo choreographies, diplomas and cake and lemonade. Join our party and see how much fun it is for you child.

Aerial Dance kids


Its a super popular class in DanceLab, be aware and book early since we only have 10 spots pr semester. In this class we teach the kids choreography mixed with acrobatics on Aerial tissues, Hoop and lollipop. Where each semester is celebrated with our semester ball where the kids performs shows getting diplomas and cake. The instructor is Ania the founder of DanceLab. She has taught and coached norwegian champion for youth in Polesport, as well coached the national team in Ballroom for youth.



Salsa refers to both a music genre and a dance style. With its origins in the Central and South America, it has developed all over the world carrying influences from many countries, dance styles and music genres. Salsa is, by far, the most popular of all Latin Dance styles and has grown into an international phenomenon which has taken the world by storm.

Highly addictive, it’s become much more than a casual hobby for many it’s a passionate lifestyle for thousands of people all over the globe. These days, you can enjoy a great night of Salsa dancing in most big cities on the planet, and Tromsø is no different.

West Coast Swing


West Coast Swing is a partner dance with roots in the Lindy Hop. It is characterized by an elastic look that results from its extension-compression technique of partner connection and is danced primarily in a slotted area on the dance floor. The dance allows for both partners to improvise steps while dancing together

Love2Dance Zumba


Latin Dance Fitness is the perfect combination of dance and fitness, while keeping the unique flair of Latin Dance styles. With influences of samba, salsa, bachata, mambo and merengue, we’ll make you sweat from beginning to end. Shake, shimmy, pop and rock the dance floor to some great fast paced Latin rhythms.

Just Fun dance crew


Dance classes made just for fun over  an hour packed full of good vibes and sisterly love. Every class routine includes a warmup/stretch. Then it’s our one-of-a-kind, fun dance class instruction-turned-dance-party for all levels, no dance experience required. 

Have you ever wondered “where are the best adult dance classes near me?”

Or “ I just want to learn some dance while having a laugh”

This is the class for you.

No pressure all 100% heart.

A new choreography easily manageable for all who wants, our job is that you will get a good work out in social environment while engaging your mind with your body.

Getting stronger


Getting stronger is a class we get a lot of questions about each semester. Its a fitness class made for pole dance and for people that want to get a sweat in over an hour. We the team modify it depending on the participants, where the focus is to be in a red zone over 45 min while alternating exercises inbetween mucle groups mixed with partner exercises. The class changes continuesly to keep it interesting as well different faces of strain such as plyomethrical, anaerobic, aerobic, static and dynamic exercises to shock the brain and mucles during our work out. You want to tone up your body? Why not join the fun and let proffetional dancers take care of it as a personal coach



DanceLab is a dancing house of fun, as a dance school containing tons of fellow dancers we have a great focus on flexibility training. We want you to reach your goals and get a healty and limber body for our every day life. Why not loosen it up and let dancers coach and reach your goals. Flexibility is a low intensity class that each time has focus on different muscle groups and fitting all students from the stiff fisherman to the limber cat



House Dance is a style of dance that originated in the late 70’s and early 80’s from underground clubs in Chicago and New York.

The style was influenced by several types of movement, including Tap, African dance, Latin dance, and martial arts.

House Dance is about freedom, improvisation, and feeling the music.

High intensity class fitting all levels, that guarantee a 100% sweat on cardio workout



This is a specially designed class for every day men and women to learn the basic fundamentals of twerking. From booty shaking, body rolls, hip, booty and cheek isolation as well as hair whips and more. Twerk moves are broken down step by step to help anyone master the basics.

Open Studio


DanceLab is a dancing house of fun, WE want our students to succeed and develop. Thats why we have a series of Open Studios. Open Studio is where you the student can have DanceLab as a place to train freely what you learn in classes without a instructor or coach. Students meet up, have fun and enjoy learning together and trying their new tricks in dance. Super social and super fun..



The perfect team building activity

  • Bring all staff together in a friendly, fun and relaxed environment
  • Your staff will get to know each other outside the work environment
  • Improve communication and social skills amongst your staff