This blog post we want to share with you how to create an artistic vision, or at least an example of one. Our Cabaret when starting this project 2 years ago. The base idea was to showcase something people don’t expect or see normally on stage. Our second aim was to not have a drop in energy and keep the 100% cabaret feel over the course of the show. This is an old artistic vision from the first project of TBAT. Except reading it, good tips for creating a show or artistic vision with friends is following.

  1. Phase 1, don’t kill ideas.. Just throw stuff out, don’t evaluate them yet.
  2. Always refer to links or content that can describe better what you want to do.
  3. Talk to people, randomly.. create your own marked analysis by hearing if people like or what triggers them about your project before going for it.

Our last show of this piece is now in Tromsø 12.02 at Kulturhuset you can buy tickets through this link


The Back Alley Teatre

Has as main focus to voice out to society and show the outer points of society we live in, covering themes as religion, tribalism, abnormality and taboo threw dance and historical meanings in a cabaret styled show play.

The Back alley theatre is set as a play that is not for the normal, the elite of society but rather the weird and misfits that could not afford the grand teatre or fitted in the high society. Its Artistic origin is based upon the city of Gibsonton (Florida) USA.
Where the “outcasts” working in carnival and circus live off season from the circus.

Info about Gibsonton, Florida:

Where high society settings threw history have embraced scenic dance styles such as Ballett and the Opera, the outcasts found their living threw circus. Our focus is to show society these outer points of dances that are not normal or found their places to fit in historically on the teatre stage where they can reveal themselves to society and find their place as an “normal society”

[Note for artistic vision: normal society = audience]

1. The Start:

The audience called “normal society” meets in the city sentrum outside of the teatre stage in what to appear their own environment that will be Pavillion next to Troms Kommune city building. A land mark or monument of the “normal society” will get disrupted with abnormality behaviour and performance. “normal society” will get handed out torches to shine a first light and marking the change and visibility of the outer points of society that will appear. Contortionists is then revealed from aerial silk hammocks awaken alive, with religious Hoodo dancer fused with bone- breaking dance style that originated from Hiphop.
There will be flame breathing and flame show fused to Ellegua music originated from Cuba marking the start of environmental change into the world of “The Back Alley Teatre”.
A Sjaman gets revealed from a casket performing Afro cuban and Folklore dances threw Ellegua, the opening sermonical dance of the Santeria religion. He will be covered in mud, paint inspired by “La Calavera Catrina” – Elegant skull paint from the day of the dead festival in Mexico mixed with and rugged up costume reminding of a Showman or Circus director with top hat and cane. A theatrical monologue encourages “normal society” to participate and join our world threw our show play, where led into the teatre stage.

( The Start – will be around 20 min long. )

2. Intermission part:

While “normal society” is being led into the theatre they will walk pass performing artists forming shapes and siluettes of “slut shaming” “abnormalities” “body shaming” resembling a living forrest taking the “normal society” away from their known city and society. This piece marks the inter link between the real world and the world to be seen for first time. From being a tiny part of the city of outcasts performing over a small area on a landmark, threw a forrest showing the growth and path to the society of outcasts to the stage reaching the outer points that they represent. This piece is inspired by a combination of Vigelandsparken that is a “forrest” of art pieces that was revolutionary in its time and now has been embraced by “normal society” as normal as well the epilogue og Cirque de Solli show in Las Vegas, USA called ( O ) and how they managed to change “normal society” presumption of circus and teatre play performed.

(The intermission – will be 20 min long. )




3. The Show:

The atmospheric change into the new world called “The Back alley teatre” is set threw a light, happy, relaxed and playful traditional French jazz song
Etre un homme comme vous – by Ben L`Pncle Soul

The Sjaman gets again revealed as curtains unfolds to the song to remove the stereotypical view and feeling of the Sjaman set by “normal society” as typical scary, Vodoo, threatening and misfit to be a showman and comedically and light felt infused. Show starts and threw his monologue it gets clear he is the director of the show and invites “normal society” to embrace the misfits into their hearts and enjoy their talents while talking about in the monologue about the difference dances, their religious meanings and their cultural heritage while a cinematic screenplay intwines threw the monologue in a vigilante fashion suited a rugged back alley theatre. Inspired by magician piece done by Derren Brown monologue about Vigilante and charlatan shows from the early 1800 ́s in his live show ( Evening of wonders)

The “normal society” gets threw the monologue an historical education about the origins covering the themes of the show. Such as the rise of pop-culture and hiphop due to lack of cultural identity of the latin communities in Brooklyn and Bronx while its district where on fire threw uprising. To the spiritual aspects of dances from slaves (Palo, Ochun, Ochozi, Guangaco, Colombiana etc. ) in Santeria religion its oppression from the Spanish towards the slaves. To religious movements of Hindu dance and its meanings and history. To modern “slut shaming” in society towards pole dance and its origins and more.

The Director starts the show where the “normal society” can imagining encountering a place where every outcast in dance has run away to join the circus. Home to all manner of circus- sideshow performers. Set in a scenery backdrop set by cinematic pictures and props giving the feel of an back alley in Paris city during night time late 1800 ́s- to early 1900 ́s. mixed with sound you would experience from this period.

The show will have small short stories connecting in-between the parts of the acts and containing a circus-like atmosphere, focusing on the human artistry and physical abilities of the outcasts to shock the “normal society” threw experiencing the outer points of scenic art contains.

(clown, aerial silk and hoop, fusion dance, couple acrobatics, contortionist, pole dance, hindu, afro-cuban, folklore, bone-breaking, popping & locking, break dance, tutting, afrobeat, afro- house, contemporary, ballett acts)

Finishing in an grand Molin Rouge climax fashion cabaret styled show act with all performers merging together from its own outcasts joining together as the “normal society” just like Gibsonton city in Florida represents normality for them, therefore enlightening the topic of being an including society and that “normal society” norms is not the whole without the outcasts and outer points.

(The Show – will be 40 min long)